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Who else wants to be prepared to grow an endless supply of food for themselves, and their family?

Fact: Chemical seed companies are flooding the market with GMO and Hybrid seeds, in an attempt to limit your access to non-hybrid seeds.

The reason is simple, with non hybrids, you are no longer dependant on them to buy your seeds year after year. This is such a big business for them, that they have lobbyist in government, pushing though laws that may soon make owning your own Non Hybrid seeds illegal. They have already made it illegal in most parts of the EU to own or sell Non Hybrid seeds.

seed bank special
  • 100% Non Hybrid Seeds
  • Packed for 10 Year Shelf Life
  • 23 Heirloom Varieties
  • Plants over 1 Acre Victory Garden
  • 37,000 Seeds
  • Detailed Growing Guide
  • Crucial Seed Saving Guide
  • Retails for over $279

Hi, my name's Dustin  Merritt, and as a father and a husband I've always been worried about the  safety of my family in case a food crisis strikes. Like anyone else, I guess,  I'm hoping that it's never going to happen to me. But just in case it does  happen, I want to make sure that my family is prepared.

  • We start with Selecting Non Hybrid seeds, grown by dedicated Family Farmers.
  • Next we grade these seeds according to purity and germination rates.
  • Accepting only the best seeds, we further dry and test our seeds to ensure they will remain stable.
  • We take carefully prepared seeds, and Hermetically Seal them into a Space Age, Metal Lined Bag.
  • Finally We Gather our seeds together into seed banks, which offer a great selection and genetic diversity.

  I've been looking for a backup way to live off my land completely self-sufficient and independent from the outside world during a food crisis.

That's how I came up with something so amazing that I just can't wait to share with you

I've created it for myself. I'm using it myself, and I'm  sure you're going to love it.

It's an Emergency Seed Bank, and it enables you to plant your very own 1-acre victory garden year after year regardless of the economic conditions. It's guaranteed to stay on guard against any food shortage for the next 10 years, and is capable of producing a virtually unlimited amount of food for years to come.

  • Designed specifically for an emergency growing situation. Emergency Seed Bank combines the best types of Non Hybrid Seeds with superior packaging into a product you can depend on.
  • Buy once, use as many times as you need. Emergency Seed Bank includes only non-hybrid seeds, which means that every year your victory garden will produce seeds you can use next year...
  • All-natural. Free from genetic modification, these seeds are just as pure as they possibly can be.
  • Hard to find. One package combines a variety of seeds, all of which are produced by small, independent farmers, and are among the hardest ones to get.
  • Your garden will flourish in any region within the U.S. Your Emergency Seed Bank will grow in any of the 11 climate zones across the country.
  • High seed germination rate is guaranteed for 10 years.

Packaging that ensures your seeds are alive when you need them most.

Here is what I do to make sure that every single seed bank has the best possible chance of survival.

Step 1: I make certain that all of the seeds are dried to the optimum moisture content, between 5-8%, which "locks in" hardiness and maintains an extremely long storage life.

Step 2: Then, I have the seeds packaged in a re-sealable, triple-layer, foil lined, airtight bag with a tamper seal. This bag blocks any moisture exchange but gives the seeds a small air reserve, so that they can stay alive and viable longer than if they were in a simple paper envelope or ziplock bag.

Step 3: Once they are packaged, I further protect your seeds by putting them into a military grade waterproof container that is virtually indestructible! Your seed bank can be wrapped in a garbage bag and buried for decades.

What's included

Emergency Seed Bank Ammo Can

23 varieties of highest yielding crops. Some 37,000 seeds total – enough to plant 1-acre victory garden.

Non-Hybrid Beet

Beet: Detroit Dark Red: 1350 Seeds

Detroit Dark Red Beets have a robust flavor and an intense crimson color with no white streaks or rings. The beets are sweet and smooth-tasting with glossy tops. Grows 13-16 inches tall.

Non-Hybrid Pole Beans

Bean: Kentucky Wonder Pole: 580 seeds

Silvery green with 8 inch pods; is an excellent snap bean. A favorite of home gardeners for years, can be planted just about anywhere because of it's fast maturity rate. Beans can be planted every two weeks to control harvest.

Non-Hybrid Broccoli

Broccoli: Waltham 29: 950 Seeds

Favorite broccoli variety of many home gardeners because of its exceptional yields and flavor. Dark green flowers with crunchy stalks.

Non-Hybrid Cabbage

Cabbage: Golden Acre: 3100 Seeds

Early round head, easily grown. Heads are 6-7 inches in diameter, with compact plants 12 inches high. Great in salads, has firm green leaves. Works well in short growing seasons.

Non-Hybrid Carrot

Carrot: Scarlet Nantes: 10330 Seeds

Sweet and tender with cylindrical shape and blunt-tip with bright orange-red color throughout. Very popular variety of carrot for eating fresh or cooked. About 68 days till maturity

Non-Hybrid Corn

Corn: Golden Bantam: 675 Seeds

Golden Bantam yellow sweet corn has been the home gardeners favorite since the beginning of the 20th century. Grows about six feet tall and each produces seven inch ears of corn. Grow 6-7 feet tall.

Non-Hybrid Cucumber

Cucumber: Marketmore: 460 Seeds

Great cutting cucumber, with long straight fruit. Non-Hybrid Marketmore cucumbers grow up to 9 inches long, and have very few cucumber spines.

Non-Hybrid Leaf Lettuce

Lettuce, Leaf: Black Seeded Simpson: 3000 Seeds

Prized for in home gardens for it's fast growth and sweet taste. The leafs are ready to harvest in less than six weeks.

Non-Hybrid Romaine Lettuce

Lettuce, Romaine: Parris Island: 3000 Seeds

A nice romaine lettuce with tight, medium sized, upright heads. Excellent deep-green color and fine flavor. Midribs are crunchy and juicy. Romaine lettuces are among the most nutritious of all lettuces.

Non-Hybrid Cantaloupe

Melon, Cantaloupe: Hales Jumbo: 250 Seeds

Expect a great harvest every time you plant one of these wonderful melons. They have a solid rich flavor, and are a favorite heirloom Cantaloupe.

Non-Hybrid Yellow Onion

Onion, Yellow: Utah Sweet Spanish: 4200 Seeds

The Utah Sweet Spanish Onion is a very sweet onion that begins to develop in the long days of summer. It has a nice yellow flesh, and grows 2-3 inch bulbs. Can be stored all year long if kept dry and cool.

Non-Hybrid Parsnip

Parsnip: Harris Model: 1250 Seeds

High quality seed, produces fine white fleshed parsnips. Prepare similar to sweet potatoes. Plant early.

Non-Hybrid Pea

Pea: Lincoln: 640 Seeds

High quality seed, with 6-9 peas per pod. Resists wilt, but prefers cool spring and fall temperatures.

Non-Hybrid Pepper, Jalapeno

Pepper, Hot: Jalapeno: 1500 Seeds

A favorite hot pepper. Great for salsa's. Thick long fruit, with a smooth green-red skin. Hotter when green, then slightly cooler when red.

Non-Hybrid Pepper, Yolo Sweet

Pepper, Sweet: Yolo Wonder: 1250 Seeds

A compact plant producing dark-green, glossy sweet peppers. Firm flesh is meaty and thick. The sturdy plants are disease resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. This variety is similar to California Wonder.

Non-Hybrid Radish

Radish: Champion: 1420 Seeds

A great Radish for short seasons. The Champion is a bright, red, crisp round radish that has large tops. It works well as an early or late planting in longer summers.

Non-Hybrid Spinach

Spinach: Bloomsdale Longstanding: 800 Seeds

Introduced near the turn of the century, valued for it's high yield. It provides a continuous yield, of thick, crinkled, glossy dark leaves. Matures fast, usually can provide two crops a year.

Non-Hybrid Squash, Pink Banana

Squash, Winter: Pink Banana Jumbo: 45 Seeds

Yellow for most of the growing season, the pink squash goes pink as it becomes larger. Keeps well and has high yields.

Non-Hybrid Squash, Waltham Butternut

Squash, Winter: Waltham Butternut: 260 Seeds

Exceptional yield, great flavor. Fast Growing. Grows 9-10 in, and weighs 3-4 lbs. Great for baking, is dry, solid orange flesh. Harvest when skins can't be pierced with a fingernail.

Non-Hybrid Swiss Chard, Lucullus

Swiss Chard: Lucullus: 870 Seeds

Named after a Roman General, this variety is a good source of greens for much of the growing season. May winter over in mild winters or greenhouses. Pale green leaves that are heavily crumpled.

Non-Hybrid Tomato, Rutgers

Tomato: Rutgers: 1750 Seeds

Introduced in 1934, a favorite among commercial and home gardeners. The Rutgers is prized for it's high yields, and consistent mild flavor. No longer commercially grown, it remains a favorite with home gardeners.

Non-Hybrid Watermelon

Watermelon: Crimson Sweet: 185 Seeds

Fruit averages 25 lbs. and has dark green stripes. Flesh is dark red and sweet, with a firm even texture. A perfect watermelon.

Non-Hybrid Zucchini

Zucchini: Black Beauty: 130 seeds

Bush type plant with high yield. Straight dark zucchini squash will grow 8 inches long. Works well in smaller gardens.

Every container also includes a Growing Guide, with seed harvesting instructions. This guide will help you know how to grow your vegetables in order to cultivate a high yield crop in times of crisis.

If you could actually somehow find all these seeds and purchase them at "retail", you would be paying anywhere from $400-$700 depending on where you could get them.

One Emergency Seed Bank is only $139. Unlimited phone support, military grade packaging and a Growing Guide are included. Orders ship within 24 hours. Buy now

Since most people want more than one seed bank, there is a discount for ordering two seed banks at a time learn more

Attention: despite OVERWHELMING DEMAND, Current orders will Ship within 24 Hours!

Don't Say "Yes." Just Say "Maybe" And Give It a
Risk-Free Test-Drive For a Full 365 Days! And Also
Get A 10 Year Replacement Promise.

I hate seeing the word "guarantee" everywhere. What is it supposed to mean?
Just words to make you feel good about buying something.

So, I'm making you more than just a guarantee.

It's my personal promise to you.

I honestly believe the Emergency Seed Bank offers you the best quality, best variety, most seeds, and is the easiest-to-grow emergency seed garden currently available.

So here's the deal...

Purchase your Emergency Seed Bank today. Try it out for a full 365 days.

If you feel it really wasn't worth the investment, and didn't give you the peace of mind knowing that you could feed your family, just return the product, and I will give you 110% of your money back, and even refund the cost of shipping too!

It's my 365-day — that's one whole year! — risk-free, love-it-or-leave-it, more than you paid, money-back personal promise to you.

It's my personal promise to you and I am happy to give it!

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