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110% Returns

Money Back Policy 
How does our 110% money back guarantee work?? 
Lets say, you no longer think that Non Hybrid Seeds, are a good idea for you and your family, all you have to do, is call up our friendly customer service at 1 877 451 7333 and they will make arrangements for you to ship your product back, as soon as you confirm that the shipment is in the mail, we will send you a check or reverse your credit card charge for a full 100% of your purchase price + Give you In-Store Credit of 10%.

This return policy only applies to purchases made on www.EmergencySeedBank.com and not purchases made on vendor websites. 

5 Year Replacement Promise

If at any time during your first 5 years of ownership, any of our seeds fail to perform, even if you think it is your fault, we will gladly replace that variety with the closest quantity, and type available. 

Ocassionally we may ask for the original seeds, to test as part of our quality control measures.

Not a long policy, but that is cause we are real humans, and would rather just talk to you on the phone. 
If phoning doesn't work you can always shoot us an email at support@emergencyseedbank.com and we will get back to you within a few hours most workdays.

Sincerely, Dustin McKay

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